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How To Organize Your Closet The Easy Way?

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None of us like organizing our closets, especially because once you do, the next minute you look at it, it’s back to its messy self. Ever thought why it happens that way? Well it’s because you are not doing it right! So here are some tips to help you organize your closets better.

Push out the old

There might be certain clothing that we keep behind those sliding wardrobe doors Sydney that means a lot to us or you are simply a clothes hoarder. Regardless of whatever reason, old clothes stacked behind, and piled one on top of the other, are the worst things that could cause any closet to spill over bringing down the entire lot. If there’s something that you cannot fit in to and is two or three sizes small, then it is time you put it away. Similarly, if there’s something that you have not been wearing or don’t ever intend on wearing, donate them! This way you could also make space for your new clothes too!

Store them better

Having good wardrobes is everything when it comes to storing your clothes the right way. So either you design it exactly the way you want, with the right spacing for whatever you need or look for your own solutions to make space. In such situations where you are looking for your own storing means, try using hangers and storage boxes to help yourself out. If you know what’s there to wear, you can easily pick, and if there’s something you don’t want to let go nor wear, you can simply fold it in the box!


Once you have got what you want and chosen what you could actually wear, start organizing them! Separate those that are wearable for the season, ones you wear on a daily basis, the extravagant ones, those that you wear to work and such. Place those that you wear on a daily basis, at an eye level. And ones that you hardly wear, at a higher place. Arrange the shoes in order as well. If there is room to hang all your tops and clothes, hang them. The more you see it the more likely you are to wear it. Also when it comes to clothes like sweaters and such, make sure you have them folded instead of hung. This way they are less likely to drag down when you wear them.Organize your jewelry too by hanging them on a DIY holder made of wood or a fancy plate that would be ideal for it! Use the above tips and be less of a hoarder and more of an organizer!