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How To Host A Tea Party

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In the past when you thought of tea parties you may have thought that they were meant for old ladies. But in recent times tea parties have become as popular as brunch. That is because now every individual enjoys getting together with their friends for this meal. Thus, that is why hosting tea parties have once again become a popular prospect. But many individuals don’t know how to successfully host this event. That is because this has only become popular in recent times.

Select The Venue

There are no restrictions when it comes to tea party venues. One has the freedom to select any location they like. But we would ideally advise them to keep the season in mind when selecting a location. That is because an outdoor venue with decorative screens perth would not be ideal in the winter. Instead, you should opt for a location that has a warm fireplace. This way you would be able to enjoy a warm cup of tea with the fire crackling in the background. But during the summer months, a garden tea party would be ideal. That is because not only would the weather permit such an event. But everyone would enjoy this event whilst observing nature at its best. Check this website to find out more details.

Keep It Casual

Since the days of the past many considered tea parties to be formal events. They may have been formal in the past. But there is no need for them to be formal any longer. Instead, you can keep it as casual as you like. If you are hosting an outdoor event not only should you have decorative outdoor screens Perth. But instead of serving warm tea you can also opt to serve iced tea.


Many think that at a tea party you can only serve tea. But there is no rule as such. Furthermore, there is no rule about the type of tea that you can serve. Therefore that is why we recommend that you have an array of drinks available. This should not only include various types of teas. But you should also have iced lemonade during the summer. That is because even though some may love tea parties they would not necessarily love tea. Furthermore, during the winter months, you can also opt to have hot chocolate and coffee on standby. If there are children present then you will definitely need to have drinks that are more suitable for them. This can, therefore, include flavoured milk such as strawberry or chocolate milk.
Tea parties may seem hard to plan at first. But if you follow this guide you would have no such trouble.